Completed : January 2018

Collaborators : Nolan Kennedy (developer), Kevin Nuest (director)

This is an internal dashboard used to configure the AI powered messages that Granify uses to increase shopper conversions on ecommerce sites. Previously these configurations had to be done in the code base; this dashboard allows the same work to be done without any coding required. 


Many of the campaign configurations are not intuitive without some explanation, so it was important to have clear, concise copy along with easy to use UI. As you can see below, there were many comments and revisions made throughout the iterations. Because this dashboard is meant to act as a GUI for the existing codebase, I also had to ensure that the UI worked in the same way that it would in the code (for example, boolean functions needed a toggle or some other sort of binary UI).

This project was designed in Figma, and I designed the interface based on user stories created by the developer. You can see those user stories in the first iteration below.

Final Screen

You'll notice in the final version below that there are warning messages on the page. Part of the intent of this project was to add new functionality to the dashboard, meaning that there are legacy campaigns that do not yet have this functionality built in.