Collaborators : David Buss

The idea of Rentt originated from my experiences as both a landlord and a tenant. As a landlord I was frustrated by having to book showings with people that I almost immediately knew I would not rent to. As a new tenant (we moved provinces) I was frustrated by not knowing anything about my landlord before signing a lease.


Before starting any design, we wanted to know if the idea was appealing to others. We sent out a survey to some landlords and tenants that we knew, asking them about the types of services they currently use. You can see the landlord survey here. The tenant survey is here

The results of the survey confirmed our initial thoughts. People were interested in other's opinions, and they cared about knowing their landlord's reputation. The survey also showed that people cared most about photos, price, and location of listings. We used this info to inform the next stage in our process: feature mapping.

Feature Mapping

We began by listing all the possible users of the app and placing them on stickies on the left side of the board. Then we listed the final actions that those users would need to perform to use the site. Finally, we listed all of the actions and features needed to facilitate the final actions.

Lo-fi Prototype

At this point I started wireframing in Figma. After the lo-fi prototype was complete we began some initial user testing.

Clickable Prototype

After making some revisions to the design, I developed a clickable prototype in Atomic. You can see the prototype here. User testing revealed additional features I had not considered, like having distinct amenities for cats and dogs rather than a generic pet amenity. It was also requested that a confirmation screen be shown when a listing is posted. I went to work incorporating the feedback into the next round of revisions.

Main Screens

User Signup Flow

Property Creation Flow


Icons (1).jpg

The project is currently being built by Dave using VueJS and the Laravel framework. Kudos to Dalaney LaGrange for the incredible illustrations!